Former Wisconsin school counselor is suing after being fired for defying ‘gender identity ideology’ | Wisconsin

A former elementary school counselor in Wisconsin complains District employees for being fired in response to a speech she made against “gender identity ideology.”

Marissa Darlingh, a counselor at Allen Field Elementary School in Milwaukee, lost her job over her speech at a feminist rally in Madison last April, where she spoke out strongly against exposure to gender identity in elementary schools. She condemned people in the state capital “who want children to have unhindered access to hormones”.

days later, a Letter from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) told her that the department had opened an investigation against her for “immoral conduct,” including the use of profanity. The letter said she resisted gender identity ideology entering her building, and she didn’t believe “children should have access to hormones or surgery.”

Darlingh was suspended and was not allowed to be on school grounds after a supervisor and two human resources officials instituted proceedings against her for her actions. Darlingh apologized for her use of profanity and tried to find out if she would be fired before the next school year started.

Darlingh also sought help from the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL), which a Letter to DPI in May, when he raised constitutional concerns, noting that “the threat to revoke Ms. Darlingh’s license to speak publicly is, as clearly as one can imagine, a violation of the First Amendment.”

The letter warned that a lawsuit would be filed if DPI initiated proceedings to revoke Darlingh’s teaching license.

“My views on the harms of gender ideology to children are shaped by a desire to serve and protect children,” Darlingh said in a WILL online post. “That’s why I went into training. I will love and serve every child in my care no matter what. But I will not recant under threat from the state.”

Despite this, Darlingh was fired a month after starting classes that fall. Now she’s suing certain Milwaukee Public Schools officials for alleged violations of the First Amendment in their termination.

“The District has flagrantly violated Ms. Darlingh’s First Amendment rights,” Luke Berg, WILL’s assistant attorney, said in a statement. “Firing her for speaking out on such an important issue is not only inexcusable, but also unconstitutional.”

In a FOX interviewDarlingh distinguished between issues of sexual identity and transgender issues. While she says she supports “lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals,” she believes exposing children to transgender ideas and medical practices is destructive and wrong.

“It has nothing to do with being lesbian or gay; it has everything to do with an agenda that is really pushed by big pharma,” Darlingh explained.