#11 Virginia Tech Hokies Roll Past Mizzou on the Road to Thanksgiving: 73-57 — Virginia

The big test

Until last week, with the Baha Mar Hoops Pink Flamingo Championship in the Bahamas, the Hokie women’s basketball team had not faced a peer program this season. That was a little irritating for certain types of sports analysts as they calculated how they were going to talk and vote for the Hokies. Well, maybe the next poll that comes out will be a little more interesting.

The Hokies had already played a tight game against Kentucky as they held a huge early lead to nail the final four-pointer to win 82-74. The game was marked by long court times for the starters and some real clutch play in the final quarter to keep the Wildcats from coming all the way back.

A different captain scores from the bench

November 23rd proved to be a very different contest. The Hokies’ regular starters didn’t play as much in this game, and the bench became much more important. The score was preceded by… wait for it… Kayana Traylor off the bench with 18. Traylor might have come off the bench, but she ended up putting 32 minutes on the court, so maybe the start wasn’t all that important anyway otherwise. Part of that was 7-8 free throws, with 4 assists and a steal.

Traylor’s excellent post-tip performance was one thing, but the usual suspects were still at large! Center Liz Kitley was just behind the top scorer with 17 points and another double-double with 10 rebounds. He added on defense with 2 blocks and a steal. I really don’t think she minded blowing a point lead with a bucket, but her missed free throw might shake a naughty finger. But Traylor missed one too.

Of course, Junior guard Georgia Amoure was right behind them with 15 points, making the quarterback with 6 assists, three 3-pointers and her 4 free throws. Amoore led the team in floor time by spending all of two minutes of the game out there. Did we mention that there was a significant contribution from the bench (which was short for this match)? Dacia Gregg also got time in court. Greg reached 21 minutes with a nice 8 points and 4 rebounds. Even Taylor Geiman and Clara Ford got a chance to get in some time.

Pull Away was completed by Traylor

So the game was wrapped up by Traylor, who, with 11 seconds left, hit her final two free throws and the clock ticked down to 0 without another bucket by either side. It was a complete game for an undersized team against another opponent. Tournament status does not appear to have been published. There was no “championship game” and it was more like a chance for the invited teams to enjoy some subtropical weather and play some quality opponents.

The Virginia Tech Hokies women’s basketball team ended up having more quality than either Kentucky or Mizzou really wanted to face.

Next: Longwood visits Cassell on Sunday, November 27 with tip-off at 2:00 p.m.like they’re going to play at 2:00 am)