Quotes after the game vs. Kennesaw State

Addie Grace Porter hauled nine rebounds and leads the team with seven a game a year.

Chattanooga vs. Kennesaw State
Chattanooga, Tennessee | The McKenzie Arena
Monday 21 November 2022
Post game quotes

Head coach Shawn Poppie

opening statement

“First and foremost, thank you for coming. With the support of the fans who showed up tonight, we finally got over the hill. You know we had some heartaches so early in the year and it was nice to finally get that winning feeling. I thought our kids would continue to compete against each other. We competed throughout the year. We need to make some smarter plays. Finished. I want to find the right finish but proud of the group we have to have there to be able to celebrate a win.”

Where the season is and where it’s going

“We’ll be celebrating until about midnight. And then we’ll turn the page and try to get one in Asheville, and maybe we’ll treat it like maybe it’ll be a trend when March comes around. I If you’re trying to establish a winning culture, there’s so much behind it, and I think with what we’ve been through over the last two and a half weeks, we could have very easily broken down and knocked ourselves out. Instead we learned and we continue to compete and we have a group in this locker room that’s ready to be trained and trained hard and loved and when you’ve got that, you have a chance. I’m really happy they can celebrate winning tonight because I thought they did a lot of really good things kicking the ball.”

About shot selection and shooting tonight so good

“I thought we mostly have good shots, you know, a few there against the zone, or maybe we just agreed, but how we want to play is together. We want to turn that ball upside down, whether it’s out, you know, posting, or we take that thing downhill and play in the first half. We didn’t do it consistently. You know, I thought they helped too much and we didn’t read, and what happens is you end up making shots, you don’t practice every day. In the second half, when I think we’re coming in, drive, pull, kick. We practice that every day. And so it’s wild that you start taking shots that you practice every day. I think that had something to do with it. The other thing is that we just kept working on it, shooting with confidence, shooting to make, and it was nice to see it kick off again tonight.

About the game of true newcomer Brooklyn Crouch

“I’m proud, proud, proud of Brooklyn Crouch. You know, she really struggled through the summer. She struggled when we first trained. Homesick and it’s just as different, isn’t it? She comes in as Miss Tennessee at that level and that was tough. It was hard. And the difficult part was that it was easy to retire back home. She is so close and so she met me about a month ago and just asked how can I fix it so you do everything right, we are here to help you and get some extra extra work at the gym, come in here and watch a movie and boy since that day she was two feet all in and just got better. I’m really proud of the work she put into the process and put two feet all in.

Yazz Wazeerud-Din, Sr., G

How the team feels after the win

“We feel really good, especially after the heavy defeats we suffered. So this was like a big one that we needed to give more confidence.”

What was learned from the tight games

“We just have to be smart and when teams start to put pressure on us, like in the fourth quarter when the going gets tough, we just have to be smart and extra disciplined at that time.”