Josh Heupel addresses Tennessee’s defensive issues in South Carolina’s game

Tennessee will try to put last weekend behind them and recover when they compete Vanderbilt this Saturday. The volunteers have returned fresh from a tremendous loss of excitement South Carolina, which was highlighted by poor defensive play, allowing for 63 points in a 63-38 loss to the Gamecocks. Head coach Josh Heupel had one word to describe the recent performance that applied to him and his players.

“The players are disappointed too, and it’s a proud group that has played well at times,” said Heupel. “Of course that wasn’t a good performance.”

The Tennessee defense let the Gamecocks get their game going early and often, giving up 21 points in the first quarter in a ball game in which South Carolina retained the lead for the entire contest. Heupel spoke more about what went wrong specifically on Vol’s defense in a game where it seemed like nothing was clicking that side of the ball.

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“More missed tasks, we didn’t tackle well, we control some things and obviously they played well too. Disappointed with these things, we didn’t win any blocks, that’s in front, that’s outside,” said Heupel.

The Vols gave up a total of 606 yards of offense, many of which were behind South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler, who had a career day against Tennessee for 438 yards and six touchdown passes as he could get the ball on over 10 different goals all of them made the most of their touch.

“We haven’t done any games in space, and those are things you have to do at the end of the day. We have to learn from it, grow from it and get better,” said Heupel.

Josh Heupel sends a strong message to the team after a missed opportunity against South Carolina

It’s safe to say that nobody expected it Tennessee lose like they did this weekend when they got a taste of their own medicine South Carolina big loss to the Gamecocks 63-38. The Volunteers struggled and South Carolina played their best offensive game of the season by far, and Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel had a strong message for his team after the loss.

“For us and this program, it must hurt on the way back,” said Heupel. “And it’s gotta hurt the guys who aren’t on this trip who will be at our building tomorrow afternoon and will be there on Monday.”

Heupel is notorious for his quick turnaround in Knoxville, transforming a team that was 3-7 in a college football playoff contender this season in 2020, a year before his arrival. The Vols’ improvement is definitely worth celebrating since their loss is only their second of the season, but Heupel knows that loss must be cherished if he is to keep standards high in Tennessee.

“In order for us to grow as a program, you have to take this opportunity and understand what happened and let it hurt, and remember that as you move forward and let that help you grow,” Heupel said.

Tennessee’s recent loss will definitely be hard to forget for the Vols, as the team, which has 60-plus points twice this season, turned the tables and ceded 63 points to the Gamecocks, the most they’ve had since Have scored 72 -points outing against Charleston South in 2019.