The Republican’s unique plea deal in the child sex abuse case means he won’t register as a sex offender

The details of the fees are intense. Koskan’s accuser says he began nurturing her at a young age with unhealthy, performative, loving displays that made her uncomfortable. After discussing the interactions at a “faith-based” summer sleep camp, the camp’s counselors spoke I contacted the social welfare office. Koskan’s adopted daughter was 14 at the time and chose not to cooperate, fearing she would be “without a family again”.

According to the statement, the teenager was harshly criticized by Koskan’s wife for reporting her adoptive father, and while Joel Koskan kept his distance from her for about a year, the victim claims the abuse has started again. This time he added video surveillance to her room and started the habits of an aggressive offender. This included forcing her to wear only nightgowns with no underwear and penetrating her with his fingers and, inevitably, his penis. The allegations also include a constant pattern of scrutiny being exercised over the accuser, including being tracked with GPS, making an intense number of phone calls and being physically assaulted as a result.

The investigation has been ongoing since May and Koskan has been arrested and charged a child abuse case alleging that a minor was exposed to foreseeable harm. The charge is a class 4 felony, with a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment. However, according to Argus Leader, a Nov. 7 plea deal would have “all jail and jail time suspended for Koskan.” The deal would include Koskan joining a “psychosexual assessment,” although the details of what that assessment may involve are unknown, and Payment for the accuser’s therapy sessions if she chooses to attend therapy, as well as:

  • Koskan will continue to pay for the victim’s course of studies, including all tuition, fees, books and room/board at an accredited academic institution. The obligation expires upon the victim’s graduation or until they reach age 22, whichever comes first, according to court records.
  • A 2017 Chevy Malibu owned by the victim, provided by Koskan, is signed for her as a guarantee of continued use of the vehicle.
  • According to court documents, Koskan will continue to provide the victim with medical, vision and dental insurance until the victim graduates or turns 22, whichever comes first.
  • Koskan will have no direct or indirect contact with the victim unless authorized by the court.

Koskan, his lawyer and the The Deputy Attorney General’s names are signed on the pleading document, which was dated the first week of September. KEVN reports that Brent Kempema, attorney for the settlement at the South Dakota Attorney General’s Office, told Sixth Circuit Judge Margo Northup that his office’s discussions with the prosecutor have led the state to recognize “that her desired outcome of the case would ultimately be almost nothing – prosecution.” Kempema continued, “She would like to come to a resolution on this matter that addresses her primary concern that the defendant receive help for any problems he may have.”

Koskan’s accuser is now 20 years old and only she can decide what she thinks is best for her. The only aspect that stops me is that Koskan’s side of the plea allows him to deny that sexual assault took place during the abuse while allowing “some responsibility for his actions.” Judge Northrup, who is required to sign the agreement, told lawyers from both sides that she would review the plea deal next month. The deal, as it stands now, would allow Koskan to face charges that do not require registration as a sex offender.

Koskan never retired from the race and had signed a plea deal admitting to child molestation. He did not withdraw from the race even after he was charged with the crime and that crime became public. In my opinion, something still needs to be done to protect the community from a man accused of being a true predator. Recently indicted South Dakota Republican Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg received similar light counts for killing a man with his car in September 2020.

The only good news here is that Koskan lost his race against the Democratic Republic. Shawn Bordeaux in one of South Dakota’s few blue areas and received 41.74% of the vote. That was the lowest number of votes Koskan received in his three attempts at the candidacy – so that’s something? I think these GOP voters are totally cool with actual “nurturing” and very real child sexual abuse when the candidate is a Republican. Pretty disgusting, and the hypocrisy isn’t just awful – it shows the extent of the lowered morality of the right.

Judge Northrup’s decision on the plea bargain is scheduled to appear in court on December 12.