Tyler Austin Jerdo convicted of torturing a puppy

A 22-year-old South Carolina man will face several years behind bars after admitting to torturing a 5-month-old dog by screwing the puppy’s paws into his bathroom doorframe with a power drill.

Tyler Austin Jerdo pleaded guilty to one count of animal abuse (torture) and was sentenced by the Judge of the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court to four years in prison Eugene C Griffith Jr., Court records reviewed by Law&Crime Show.

Jerdo last week pleaded guilty to charges of ill-treatment, as well as one count each of resisting arrest, failing to pursue prosecution and possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute it. In addition to the four-year sentence, Judge Griffith issued a multi-year suspended sentence and three years of post-release supervision after Jerdo’s incarceration ended.

Jerdo, who has been held without bail since his arrest in late February, has been credited with serving 266 days of his sentence.

“This incident traumatized not only the poor animal he abused, but the entire community of people who love and care for animals who have had to read the shocking facts of this horrific case,” said Solicitor Kevin Brackett, who was following the case, said WMBF-TV, according to a report by Myrtle Beach NBC affiliate. “Our pets offer us so much joy and company and expect so little in return. To have such a small and helpless animal treated so cruelly and callously is beyond imagination. I am pleased that Judge Griffith has issued a verdict that not only reflects the horror of this case, but also serves as a warning that the justice system will take action to protect vulnerable animals when they are mistreated.”

As previously reported by Law&Crime, the Union County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO) said a county employee pulled over a deputy on Friday, February 25, 2022 after leaving Jerdo’s home. This employee reportedly told law enforcement that Jerdo was “under the influence of something strong” and that the man’s dog was bolted to the wall of a barricaded bathroom.

Several MPs and animal control officers responded to the site and were allegedly met and granted access by Jerdo’s mother, who owns the property, when they asked to enter.

MPs said they found a horrific demonstration of animal cruelty inside.

A 5 month old puppy named ashtray Was reportedly visible behind a large pile of objects, according to one MP, as was the poor animal’s dangerous condition: one of its paws was screwed to the frame of the bathroom door.

Law enforcement began removing the items to gain access to the dog and used a drill to remove the screw from his paw. Still, the bathroom door wouldn’t open, so a deputy walked around the house, removed a screen from a window, and climbed into the bathroom. At that moment, the deputies noticed that Asher’s other paw was also screwed to the inside of the door frame.

According to UCSO, the second screw could not be removed from the paw because it was too deep and the screw head was inaccessible. MPs were then forced to pull the dog’s paw through the screw before taking him to a local clinic for treatment.

Eventually, the defendant’s truck pulled into the driveway. MPs said they told Jerdo he was under arrest as he was getting out of the vehicle. A MP admittedly laid hands on the suspect when Jerdo started arguing, authorities said.

After an apparent scuffle with several members of law enforcement – during which the defendant was tased twice – Jerdo was handcuffed and placed in a MP’s vehicle. That didn’t last long, according to the UCSO.

As some MPs went back inside to gather more evidence, they heard a scream outside. Jerdo had escaped from the back of the car and attempted to flee the scene entirely, but was restrained by other MPs, authorities said. During this second round, the defendant is said to have headbutted a MP in the forehead. He was eventually overpowered and taken into custody where he is expected to remain for a period of years.

The dog, which appears to be a pit bull or pit bull mix, was treated at a local veterinary clinic. renamed liamthe dog has since been adopted by a loving family, WMBF reported.

[Image via Union County Detention Center/Union County SC Animal Shelter]

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