Oregon makes late push for Gernorris Wilson > Oregon

This weekend’s visit to Oregon was Wilson’s first visit to Eugene. He made the trip across the country with his coaches, friends, and some family members even though he was still in the playoffs with his high school team, which shows how interested he is.

“It was surprisingly still exciting and very lively even though it was super cold, which I’m sure you’re used to up there,” Wilson said of the Oregon vibe. “But it was really exciting and live. Just a phenomenal place.”

During the trip, he was allowed to spend time with almost all of the staff, but highlighted the time with offensive line coach Adrian Klemm.

“He’s just a really easy-going guy. A really hardworking guy – you can tell by his demeanor,” said Wilson. “He’s straight to the point as a coach and I really like that about him.”

As for his peers, he spent time on offensive linemen Josh Conerly Jr. and David Iuli and talk about what it’s like in Oregon.

“When you go to Eugene, it’s really nothing but football and school. There really are no distractions. So it’s really a school to focus on.”

The Florida product is looking for just that at its school of choice.

After having some time to reflect on the trip, he jotted down some key takeaways.

“The environment, the people, the fans, the city. It was just a very good place.”

With 19 offers reported, schools are working to differentiate themselves from the rest. What makes Oregon different?

“I think it’s my relationship with Coach Klemm,” Wilson said. “And then I go there to see Oregon alone, that boosted it 10 times more. It’s just a beautiful place. The facilities, all that.”

His high school career is coming to an end. Once that is complete he will focus on the recruitment process as he considers signing as an early adopter next month.

He has two official visits on the horizon before signing.

“Oregon is coming in December and North Carolina is also coming in December,” he said of his visit itinerary. “December 9 for North Carolina and probably the week after for Oregon.”

He hears most from a select group of schools as he nears a commitment.

“Oregon, North Carolina, Louisville, Michigan, FSU.”

Once he commits next month, Wilson will enroll early at the school of his choice.

Torres’ take

Wilson’s a bit of a late riser on the recruiting path, but I like Oregon’s involvement here. Something that shouldn’t be underestimated is that he’s traveling across the country at his own expense while his team is still in the playoffs – mostly because it shows a strong interest. Staff will also bring him back to campus for an official visit, which may be the last trip he makes before making his commitment.

I’m not sure I would say he’s an instant player, but he has a lot of physicality and knows how to end blocks.