On Thanksgiving weekend, look for traffic challenges along the Oregon coast, rest of the state > Oregon

On Thanksgiving weekend, look for traffic challenges along the Oregon coast, rest of the state

Posted 11/21/22 at 5:49pm
By employees of the Oregon Coast Beach Connection

On Thanksgiving weekend, look for traffic challenges along the Oregon coast, rest of the state

(Oregon Coast) — The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) says roads will be packed this weekend, not just along the Oregon coast but across the state. Thanksgiving this year means some extra traffic to the beaches due to the King Tides. But ODOT is more concerned about Thanksgiving traffic that is wet or snowy as there will be a lot of it in places.

ODOT offers some advice and updates on various aspects of traveling in Oregon this weekend.

“Our crews are working to make your travels safe during the celebration, but we could use your help,” said ODOT’s Kacey Davey.

Snow on the roads and/or accidents will occur at different locations and times over the weekend and due to staff shortages you can expect some delays in road clearance.

“We are working to fill vacancies at this time, but drivers should expect less snow clearing work,” Davey said. “Similarly lower levels of service will continue for years to come with no changes to our long-term funding as we anticipate having fewer staffing levels.”

She asked travelers to be courteous and patient with crews on the ground, whether they’re plowing or marking traffic. Davey said ODOT saw more close conversations between crew and motorists. Safety must come first here – you also affect other people’s lives. These other people are trying to help you.

Fortunately, no snow is forecast for the Oregon Coast Range, but heavy rain could mean skidding hazards in congested traffic.

See Oregon Coast Road Traffic Conditions Updates

Davey shared some tips for safe winter travel during the holiday season:

– The Thanksgiving holiday is one of the busiest travel times of the year, no matter the conditions. Expect delays, plan ahead and allow for extra travel time.

– Be careful when driving over mountain passes. Check TripCheck.com for road conditions. Many camera displays include temperature and other helpful information.

– Pay attention to traffic signs at the side of the road. They contain important information about road conditions, such as: B. Chain requirements.

– Prepare for winter road conditions. Wear chains and know how to use them. In the event of major delays, pack supplies for you and your passengers, such as food, water, blankets, warm clothing, and medication.

– Drive for conditions. Rain, snow or additional traffic – slow down and give more time to stop, especially when the road is slippery.

– Give snowplows extra space and never overtake on the right. Be patient. The safest place when it’s snowing is behind a plow.

– Make sure you have a sober, focused and alert driver behind the wheel to help you get to and from your destination. We all know turkey makes you sleepy.

– Watch out for pedestrians and cyclists, who are often less visible in wintry weather.

Visit the ODOT Winter Driving Tips website for more information.

Most of ODOT’s construction work will be suspended over the bank holiday weekend to allow for additional traffic. Travelers in Corvallis should expect traffic delays from the University of Oregon-Oregon State football game on Saturday. Kick-off is at 12:30 p.m

Keep in mind that there are often other, more relaxing ways to get around, such as the Willamette Valley Amtrak train or your local public transit system. Some may be closed on Thanksgiving. Check out the ODOT website for your many options for car-free travel.

No matter how or where you travel in Oregon, be prepared for changing conditions. Don’t forget to take care of each other, the ODOT crews and the emergency services on the road. Everyone deserves a safe bank holiday weekend.

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