The Michigan Commitment stands by the promise after the visit to Oklahoma < Oklahoma

Colleyville (TX) Covenant Christian Academy Product and Four Star Michigan Commitment Enow Etta raised some eyebrows over the weekend when he showed up to Oklahoma’s rivalry game against Oklahoma State on Saturday. The visit to Norman came a week after Etta was on the Michigan campus for the Wolverines’ win over Nebraska.

Despite the trip, however, Etta allayed any fears that his words were wavering as he summarized his journey with 247Sports Director of Recruiting Steve Wiltfong.

“It was great,” Etta told Wiltfong. “I’d be lying if I said it’s not a great option because they’re building something great there and have a great group of people building it. But it’s Go Blue for me.”

The four-star signed on to rival Michigan State in mid-July after a relatively heated race for his services. He has been to Ann Arbor twice since the verbal announcement and is expected to sign his letter of intent in December.

247Sport Scouting Report: Verified at 6ft 4.5 and 261lbs with an 81in wingspan. He looks like a great college player with his overall physical build. With a 40-pound weight gain in the last year, you’re looking at a boost that’s not the norm. Looking good with a strong torso, most of its weight is in its base to add explosiveness and strength. His broad-shouldered upper body still has room to develop and define. Ultimately, it will be interesting to see how his body matures and ends.

Etta is an above average athlete who plays with good technique. Always comes forward when the ball snaps, keeps alive feet and good eye placement from his stance. He plays with his hands where he has a good, solid shot to control and shed blockers to get to the ball. Nice body speed with good twitch and ease. Good ability to chase down the ball carrier from behind. Very active off the ball and physically in the attacking zone. Plays with a good engine, shows effort to finish games. Comfortable play either left or right. Needs to keep working on his attitude to create the full burst with the physical traits he has. His natural instances take over when he rushes the passerby. Plays the cut block very well and is able to gain the advantage and lead the hoop to the quarterback. He has good balance and body control, rarely overextending and out of position.

If you watch him over the past two seasons his development is very encouraging as his motor skills and physicality are just some of the things that stand out. He has a versatile position that can see him either playing endspot or even turning inside on pass rush downs. He’s the type of player who’s a perennial Power 5 starter. Additionally, he has all the makings of being an all-conference performer and seeing the NFL once his college days are over and first-round selection.