Richard Rawlings finds the rarest classic Mopar in Oklahoma < Oklahoma

Gas Monkey Garage’s Richard Rawlings is one of the world’s most charismatic automotive YouTubers. He and the team at Gas Monkey Garage are very well known for creating some epic builds with some amazing cars and he and the boys often travel around the US hunting down classic cars to bring home and restore to order to resell them. With more room in Rawling’s garage after his recent Bring a Trailer sale, some of these cars could become part of his own collection.

This latest video from Gas Monkey Garage features a car Rawlings has had his eye on for some time. Rawlings is heading to Oklahoma to check out something he’s been working on for a while that some people may have seen in a past episode on the Gas Monkey Garage YouTube channel. This is a rare MOPAR, a Plymouth Superbird that Rawlings has wanted for a while and after some back and forth he finally has a deal and he can snag this car and bring it back to Gas Monkey Garage.

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Arrived in Oklahoma to see this rare machine

Rawlings brought a lot of money to try and bring this car home. These are the guys from Red Dirt Mopars and they were on the Mopars and Jaguars channel in a previous episode. It looks like the Red Dirt guys are putting in a lot of work and moving a few things, although there are a few gems in the garage for Rawlings to see, such as a big Blower Hemi Plymouth Barracuda. While this is a stunning looking car, it’s not what Rawlings wants to see.

Finally we get to see the “rarest bird of the south” a little later in the video. It’s a 1970 Plymouth Superbird, bucket seat, four speed, pistol grip 440 machine, something Rawlings has always wanted. It’s a proven, powered, built machine. The guys at Red Dirt Mopar also have half a million Dodge Daytonas in their collection, so Rawlings is hoping he can get his hands on this epic Superbird. In its stunning white, this car looks fantastic and much of it is original too. A number in the trunk corresponds to the VIN on the dashboard, on the door decal and more.

A dream car to take home with Rawlings

Richard Rawlings Gas Monkey Garage Superbird front view
via the Gas Monkey Garage YouTube channel

Rawlings looks around and checks the car and asks what the team did with it. The car has not really been restored, it has mostly been cleaned and the engine installed. The gearbox is the original matching numbers gearbox, making it a pretty good buy for Rawlings. These cars were of course famous for their NASCAR exploits and they are some of the nicest looking performance cars of their time with that big rear wing.

Rawlings also loves the horn on the car and is just in awe of everything about the car. He hears how the Superbird has an air extractor to pull the air out from under the car, a first from the racing days of these machines. The car’s rear wings can handle up to 1,000 pounds of downforce, and the Superbird’s Goodyear tires add to the cool factor of this fairly epic machine. We can see in Rawling’s facial expressions how much he loves this car and how keen he is to finally have one in his collection.

Get a drive in a stunning MOPAR machine

Richard Rawlings Gas Monkey Garage Superbird interior
via the Gas Monkey Garage YouTube channel

Rawlings is left boisterous in the Superbird, and we’re also treated to a few shots of the MOPAR classic along the way. A few burnouts, revving the engine of this MOPAR classic, make Rawlings very happy. As the guys at Red Dirt said, this is a superbird that really loves to party and is as immaculate on the inside as it is on the outside. After all that has been said and done, it’s time for Rawlings to close that deal and bring that machine home.

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Take the Superbird to the Gas Monkey Garage

Richard Rawlings Gas Monkey Garage Superbird front view at Gas Monkey Garage
via the Gas Monkey Garage YouTube channel

Red Dirt says this machine drives even better than the Daytona in their garage. After leaving the country, it’s time for Rawlings to bring this baby home. Rawlings knows he needs that car and he can have some Richard Petty vibes in Dallas. When it comes to the deal of the day, Red Dirt is listing the car for $200,000, which was the number Rawlings had in mind! With that, Rawlings shrugs off the deal and is the proud owner of a truly special MOPAR machine. We can’t help but be insanely jealous of him and take home a legendary machine.

Source: Gas Monkey Garage YouTube channel