A glimpse of Davey Tree’s new addition at its Ohio headquarters

An aerial view of the third wing extension (left) at The Davey Tree Expert Co. headquarters in Kent, Ohio. (Photo: Davey Tree)

The Davey Tree Expert Co.#3 on the 2022 LM150 list – debuted a new third wing addition to its headquarters in Kent, Ohio. The company gave landscape management A behind-the-scenes look at the 38,400-square-foot expansion weeks before employees make it their new home.

Vice President and Treasurer Chris Bast said the new wing will double the size of the company’s headquarters and will bring 70 new jobs to Kent. The company currently employs 435 at its headquarters and 908 in northeast Ohio.

The company said its next project is a refurbishment of its other two wings, which it says will bring the benefits of the new addition to the original headquarters, which was built in 1985. It originally had two wings, but this new wing will allow Davey to do so to fully update them.

The addition of the third wing almost doubles Davey Tree's original headquarters, built in 1985.  (Photo: Davey Tree)

Davey Tree’s original headquarters, built in 1985, is almost doubled with the addition of the third wing. The annex will house Davey’s operations support, security, marketing and other departments. (Photo: Davey Tree)

use feedback

Molly Senter, Director of Davey Properties, narrates LM that the company approached the employees with a needs analysis at the beginning of the expansion process.

Many of the needs brought to Davey’s attention appear in the completed third wing, including:

  • Improved access to natural light
  • More open space for collaboration
  • A fitness center in the basement of the complex
  • Adjustable height desks

“This third wing is intended to represent our employees’ preferred work environment,” said Senter. “The third wing illustrates these important insights so the building can best serve our current and future employees.”

commitment to sustainability

An 18-foot oak table in Davey's new third wing of its headquarters in Kent, Ohio.  (Photo: LM staff)

An 18-foot oak table in Davey’s new third wing of its headquarters in Kent, Ohio. (Photo: LM Employee)

On the land where the third wing now stands, there used to be a small forest of trees.

As part of its sustainability efforts, the company salvaged the wood from trees it removed from the site of the third wing to create multiple tables — including an 18-foot table made from a single oak tree — and features heavily throughout the walls of the wing.

“Sustainability is one of Davey’s values, so it was important that we find a home for this wood in our new addition,” said Dan Herms, vice president of research and development at the Davey Institute.

Sender tells LM that Davey built the facility with other sustainable features, including large windows that allow for more natural light and energy-efficient utilities.