“The leader must make the final decisions”

“I want to thank the people of North Dakota for allowing me to minister.”

— Gerald VandeWalle, North Dakota’s longest

He served on the Supreme Court Justice and announced plans to retire on January 31 due to failing health. VandeWalle, 89, has been at the High Court since August 1978.

“It really could be heaven sent.”

– Lisa Pederson, a livestock specialist at the North Dakota State University Extension, explains how the recent early winter snowstorm is presenting challenges for ranchers, but also hopes the humidity will lead to a prolonged drought in the state.

“It’s not easy to feel gratitude for a turkey with attitude, so thank you Sunflower for looking good. It saved you the Thanksgiving cooking.”

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– Gov. Doug Burgum traditionally pardons a turkey before Thanksgiving.

“I really think North Dakota is the best state and we work so hard to create opportunities and I love being a North Dakotan and I plan on staying.”

– Bismarck native and Miss America 2018 Cara Mund, who lost a bid to run for Congress. Mund says she is unsure of her future plans but wants to stay in her home state.

“I know that at the end of the day the chairman has to make the final decisions and I’m absolutely great at that, but also because of the experience that people have in this chamber, they give a lot of great advice, so that’s what I’m going to look for Advice from people, and that will help me form my opinions on various issues.”

– Majority Leader of the New North Dakota House of Representatives

“We have all the equipment. We don’t have the staff.”

— Attorney General Drew Wrigley, announcing he will be pressuring state legislatures for money to modernize the State Crime Lab, increase pay to attract and retain attorneys, and hire State Crime Bureau agents.

“Where humans see large groups (of wildlife) so early, it means habitat is scarce.”

– Casey Anderson, Game and Fish from North Dakota

Department Wildlife Chief, on the impact on wildlife

of the early winter blizzard earlier this month.

“Higher gas prices are not enough to discourage most people from traveling with family and friends. When gas prices are high, travelers try to offset the extra cost by cutting back on spending in other areas like lodging, shopping, or dining.”

— Gene LaDoucer, regional spokesperson for AAA,

about holiday trips and high petrol prices.

“This is a failure of our team and our state. And that’s what we have to find out.”

– Rep. Austen Schauer, R-West Fargo, on the $1.7 billion unfunded liability for the Government Employee Retirement Plan.