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James Jackson/MDN Majette’s head coach Mitchell Meyer and assistant coach Pete Stenberg are leaving Minot High’s inaugural 2021-2022 season with a goal of bringing home the first North Dakota State Wrestling girls’ title in school history.

115 boys and 50 girls from seven area high schools left the worm for pins and victories and took to the wrestling mats for the first time this season on Saturday at Minot High’s Early Bird Invite.

Despite the rising temperatures, the action at the Magic City campus gym was even hotter as Minot High welcomed varsity and junior varsity wrestlers from Bishop Ryan, Carrington, Des Lacs-Burlington, Turtle Mountain, Williams County and Williston for the first meeting of the 2022-2023 season.

Friends, family and fans filled the stands to loudly and proudly cheer on their hometown team’s competitors as the many colors and logos of local programs littered the General Admission event and lively heralded the start of the Class A and Class B competitions.

Following last year’s impressive inaugural season, head coach Mitchell Meyer and assistant coach Pete Stenberg lead a Minot High varsity wrestling team whose roster nearly tripled during the 2022-2023 season, growing from 10 female wrestlers to the nearly 30 attending the meet on would attend on Saturday.

The Majettes put together a stellar opening year on the mats, finishing 2021-2022 3-0 in doubles events, runner-up at the WDA Tournament and fourth at the North Dakota State Tournament.

For a Magi Boys roster led by head coach Justin Racine and assistant coach Mike Stien, they head into the new season after a 2021-2022 season that saw them finish 8-17-5 overall and runners-up in the west region regular season – 2.

In postseason competition, Minot High finished second in the West Region Tournament before finishing the season sixth in the North Dakota Class A Tournament.

Though Saturday’s early bird invitation won’t count against participating teams’ regular season records, it most importantly marked the much-anticipated return to the mats for a Majettes team looking for its first state title in school history , along with a Magi Squad shooting to pin their eighth title in school history and first since 2017.

Next, the Magicians travel to Sydney, Montana on December 2nd and 3rd to compete in the Sydney Invite, while the Majettes also make their way to Mandan on December 2nd for the Mandan Lions tournament. 3.

Boys’ varsity results by weight class

120 lb class

David Llamas, Minot, 2nd place

126 lb class

Vern Copenhaver, Williston, 1st place; Tyson Taylor, Williston, 2nd place; Aiden Kellman, Minot, 3rd place

132 lb class

Breyden Buee, Des Lacs-Burlington, 1st place; Jack Coles, Williston, 5th place

138 lb class

Gabe Mortenson, Minot, 1st place; Drew Scott, Williston, 2nd place; Charles Chamley, Williston, 4th place; Kaidan Smith, Des Lacs-Burlington, 6th place

145 lb class

Daniel Fernandez, Minot, 1st place; Bryson Smith, Bishop Ryan, 5th place; Waade Isom, Williston, 6th place

152 lb class

Caleb Minton, Williston, 1st place; Tyson Rice, Williston, 3rd place; Harrison Schwartz, Des Lacs-Burlington, 4th place; Noah Bledsoe, Minot, 5th place

160 lb class

Cale Ibach, Des Lacs-Burlington, 1st place; Kaden Kraft, Minot, 3rd place; Gunner Rakness, Des Lacs-Burlington, 4th place; Cody Crossland, Williston, 6th place

170 lb class

Colton Adams, Williston, 1st place; Kenny Smith, Kes Lacs-Burlington, 3rd place; Sean Anderson, Minot, 4th place

182 lb class

DeJarius Jones, Minot, 1st place; Micah Larson, Williston, 2nd place; Carter Miller, Des Lacs-Burlington, 3rd place; Ty Wiedrich, Williston, 4th place; Alejandro Alvarez, Bishop Ryan, 6th place

195 lb class

Korbyn Draper, Williston, 1st place

220 lb class

Landon Riely, Williston, 1st place; Lincoln Brooks, Minot, 2nd place; Dante Novembre, Williston, 3rd place; Johnathan Smith, Des Lacs-Burlington, 6th place

285-pound class

Nathan Robbins, Des Lacs-Burlington, 2nd place

Girls’ varsity results by weight class

100-110 lb class

Elizabeth Mortensen, Minot, 1st place; Monica Boakye, Minot, 2nd place; Ella Brown, Minot, 3rd place; Madilynn Golphne, Minot, 4th place

115-120 lb class

Martha Ward, Minot, 1st place; Hallie Nash, Minot, 2nd place; Kierstin Nevels, Minot, 5th place;

125 lb class

Anya Hudson, Minot, 2nd place

130-135 lb class

Kashlyn Bredahl, Des Lacs-Burlington, 1st place; Kylee Yetter, Minot, 3rd place; Riley Hanson, Minot, 4th place; Mary Hutchins, Minot, 6th place

140 lb class

Haleigh Carr, Minot, 2nd place; Payton Russell, Minot, 3rd place; Victoria Llamas, Minot, 5th place; Megan Ebach, Minot, 6th place

145 lb class

Aleina Billings, Des Lacs-Burlington, 3rd place

155 lb class

Victoria Pasterz, Des Lacs-Burlington, 1st place; Madelyn Roth, Minot, 2nd place; Adella Heberlie, Des Lacs-Burlington, 4th place; LizAnne Schnieder-Bruins, Minot, 5th place

170 lb class

Sadie Richmond, Minot, 1st place; Arianna Aguilar, Minot, 2nd place; Kiera Aguilar, Minot, 3rd place; Jordyn Radasa, Williston, 4th place

190 lb class

Emma Buee, Des Lacs-Burlington, 1st place; Lilly Nygard, Minot, 2nd place

250 pound class

Jade’ence Fletcher, Minot, 1st place; Izybella Fritz, Minot, 3rd place; Hvidsten Abbey, Des Lacs-Burlington, 4th place

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