Waiting list for NMDVR services open to all categories

DVR News:

SANTA FE – New Mexico no longer has to wait for vocational rehabilitation services to be deemed eligible.

The waiting list for the New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services — which still numbered more than 1,300 people as of fall 2021 — has been cleared.

“We couldn’t have done it without the hard work and extra dedication of our vocational rehabilitation staff across the state,” said Nash Sisneros, associate director of NMDVR’s Division of Rehabilitation Services. “We want to increase the quality of life and growth of our participants in New Mexico.”

The agency is technically sticking with what is called a selection order. But while previously only those classified as “severely disabled” could receive assistance from NMDVR, now people meeting the lower criteria of “severely disabled” or “not significantly disabled” — as defined by the Federal Rehabilitation Services Administration — can start You now immediately start planning to get services.

The final name was released by the waitlist on October 25. In calendar year 2022, more than 1,400 people were deleted who either received assistance or stopped using services from the agency. That number includes those who have applied for services since January. Waiting list numbers have been high in recent years due to staffing issues.

“Our doors are open and we are excited to now be able to serve every person in New Mexico with a disability who is seeking employment,” said NMDVR Director Casey Stone-Romero.

Individuals wishing to participate in the Vocational Rehabilitation Program can complete a referral form on the NMDVR website or visit your nearest NMDVR office.

There are 22 branch offices nationwide: www.dvr.state.nm.us/locations/.


The New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (NMDVR) helps eligible persons with proven disabilities to find suitable employment. To this end, NMDVR works with employers looking for opportunities to enhance and diversify their workforce. Vocational Rehabilitation is a voluntary program to support people who want to work. With a long track record of success and a proven methodology to achieve the best adjustments, NMDVR is committed to helping participants thrive in their communities.

The vocational rehabilitation program is funded 78.7 percent by a grant from the US Department of Education. For the federal fiscal year 2023, the total grants are $22,066,600. The remaining 21.3 percent is financed from state funds and allocations from the Commission for the Blind and the Commission for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired.