Governor names replacement for Hilgers in Nebraska Legislature

As the 2022 legislative session ended on Wednesday, Gov. Pete Ricketts praised the legislature and went through a list of important achievements.

LINCOLN — Legislative Speaker Mike Hilgers of Lincoln has announced plans to resign from the Nebraska legislature a day early, clearing the way for a replacement to take his place on the opening day of the legislature.

Hilgers sent a letter to Gov. Pete Ricketts on Tuesday, saying he would be stepping down at midnight Jan. 3, the day before the 2023 Legislature called.

The Ricketts spokeswoman said the early notification will allow Ricketts to work with Gov.-elect Jim Pillen to nominate someone for the seat before the start of the meeting. Hilgers represents District 21 in Northwest Lincoln and Lancaster County.

Hilgers, a registered Republican with two years left in his term, was elected attorney general of Nebraska earlier this month. He will replace Attorney General Doug Peterson, who did not run for re-election. Under state law, Hilgers will be sworn into his new position on Jan. 5, the day after the legislature takes office.

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If he didn’t resign early, Hilgers could technically take his seat in the legislature and vote on senior positions on day one. However, he said he would not attempt such a maneuver.

The person appointed to replace Hilgers would serve out the remainder of his term, but would have to seek election to remain in the legislature beyond 2024.