The DWI year-end crackdown on the streets of Minnesota begins Wednesday > Minnesota

St. Paul, Minn. (KROC-AM News)- Minnesota’s annual year-end DWI crackdown begins Wednesday.

A press release from the state Department of Transportation Safety says state troopers, deputies and law enforcement officers are participating in a statewide DWI enforcement campaign running Nov. 23-December 31. Law enforcement agencies across the state will be looking for drivers impaired by alcohol and other substances during the holiday season.

Officials say Minnesota law enforcement reported over 12,000 DWIs over the past five years between the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and year-end. In the last five years, there have been 620 road deaths involving an impaired driver.

Law enforcement agencies are also highlighting an increase in “drug driving” incidents. Officials say drug driving was responsible for 6,941 DWI incidents from 2012 to 2016, compared to 15,747 from 2017 to 2021, a 227% increase.

“The holidays are a busy but fun time when we share food, laughter and time-honoured traditions with our family and friends,” said Mike Hanson, director of the Bureau of Traffic Safety. “This should be a time for Minnesotans to take a break from the daily stresses of life. Alcohol can be a part of partying and that’s fine as long as you don’t drive after drinking. The same policy applies to any substance that may affect your ability to drive, including sleeping pills or THC edibles. Drive smart by planning a safe and sober ride.”

The State Department of Traffic Safety encourages Minnesotans to plan a sober drive, report if anyone is impaired and plan to get behind the wheel, offer to be a designated driver, and report suspected drunk drivers by calling 911 and the location of a vehicle. License plate information and observed driving behavior.

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