Wolverines make more progress in flips in 2023

The Wolverines received a slew of recruits and made progress towards the Class of 2023 and flips last weekend as they opened up about Michigan football’s recruiting.

Recruitment could be a bit behind for Michigan Football this week as their game of the year comes up against Ohio State on Saturday.

For the fifth time during the Jim Harbaugh era, both teams will finish in the top 12, and this is the fourth time The Game has contested the Big Ten East title.

Michigan Football won one such game last year and a year later the 2023 recruiting class doesn’t really look like what we expected.

For years, Michigan football fans believed that the key to achieving truly elite recruiting levels was beating Ohio State. The Wolverines did it, made the playoffs, and the recruit rankings are lower than ever, albeit on the up.

There is of course a reason for this and it is ZERO. Michigan isn’t going to the dirt like a number of other programs, and it’s hurt them. No question.

But after Michigan received another commitment from three-star (consensus) offensive lineman Nathan Ebofi last Friday, Michigan has nine of the top 500 recruits in the 2023 class out of 16 overall.

According to 247 Sports, the class is in 22nd place in the 2023 team ranking, but there is still a lot to do, especially on the defensive line and in the secondary. Michigan currently does not have a single commitment in its secondary school for 2023.

However, the Wolverines hope they were able to change that, or take steps in that direction, this weekend.

The weekend’s biggest news was Aaron Gates, a Florida-based defender, who made a surprise visit. There has been talk of a flip for months. EJ Holland of The Wolverine even predicted it once, but it hasn’t happened yet.

But this late visit makes me confident that there is still a chance. We’ll see if Michigan Football has done enough, but turning Gates around is still possible.

Jyaire Hill is another possibility. The top-200 Illinois cornerback would be a huge addition to the 2023 class, and Jim Harbaugh personally pushed him hard, which was needed after Illinois deployed the full-court press.

Hill was in Ann Arbor for the Illinois game, but it’s hard to say if that swayed things Michigan’s direction. Hill has an 88 percent chance of signing for Illinois, according to the On3 prediction engine, but Michigan isn’t dead yet and is in a better position than it was.

More flip attempts in 2023

Cameron Calhoun, who was recently released from Cincinnati and Kentucky, became the favorite according to the On3 prediction engine. But a visit from Calhoun to football in Michigan over the weekend has the Wolverines right in the mix.

Calhoun told Holland he plans to pay an official visit in December. That would be an official visit, and if that happens, it’ll be a big win for Michigan in its quest to land Ohio’s top 500 cornerback.

Michigan football also wants to flip Cincinnati linebacker Jason Hewlett, according to Holland, but there’s no public offer. That’s not the case with Breeon Ishmail, a 2023 linebacker who was projected to the Wolverines by Holland and others.

He finished 1,403 overall in the 2023 class and is 6ft 4 and weighs 215 pounds. Kentucky is the favorite according to the prediction engine but new expert predictions should change that and Ishmail is another Ohio player as you can see Steve Clinkscale’s influence in all of these recruits.

The Ohio push is a good thing, and remember, Rod Moore was outside the top 1,000 when Michigan was first offered and that was a win.

Landings from Calhoun and Hill would help, but Gates, Roderick Pierce and Jamel Howard and the two defenders visited would also turn around, giving hope for another strong finish as well as a 5-star QB in 2024.