The Kansas City Chiefs’ Mike Danna always saves his best for the Chargers ” Kansas

Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Mike Danna has just 7.5 career sacks, but four of those, including two in Sunday’s win, came against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Also, his punch to Justin Herbert injured the quarterback’s ribs in the teams’ previous clash.

Since the Chiefs drafted Danna, who played in Central Michigan and Michigan, in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, Danna has been a solid rotational edge rusher, but a calf injury has limited him to six games this season.

His two sacks Sunday night represent the second two-sack game of his three-year NFL career.

“Danna had some nice rushes,” Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said.

However, Sunday’s 30-27 win will be remembered by Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce game-winning ride With 1:46 left, the Chiefs’ defense also played a significant role, recording five sacks for the second straight game.

It was also the most common time Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert was sacked in a game.

Danna started the sack party when he finished the Chargers’ first drive in the second quarter.

In a 3rd and 12th less than three minutes into the second quarter, the Chargers doubled down on Chris Jones, who lined up alongside Danna, leaving first-round draft pick Zion Johnson to block Danna. The third-year player hit Johnson on the inside and tripped Herbert for an eight-yard sack.

The Chargers hit another 3rd and 12 on their first drive in the third quarter, and Danna split linemen Matt Feiler and Jamaree Sayler to fire Herbert on a nine-yard loss.

Then the Chargers play in the singles team Jones with Johnson.

But Jones, who had four quarterback hits, drew attention that helped free Danna for the first sack.

Throughout the night, Jones showed why he’s the Chiefs’ best and highest-paid defenseman.

Jones’ four-year, $80 million contract runs through the end of the 2023 season, as does Danna’s four-year, $3.6 million rookie contract.

Just as the duration of their contracts harmonizes, so were their opening and closing concerts on Sunday evening. Danna started the sack parade; Jones closed the curtain.

A game after getting his second sack, Jones pressured Herbert with 26 seconds left in the game, forcing him out of the pocket and rushing him to make a pass that was deflected by Deon Bush and intercepted by Nick Bolton what any chance ended for the Chargers had to come back.

“Chris, he’s a great player,” Reid said. “He did a good job on that interception. He actually arranged it.”

Jones may have sealed the win against the Chargers on Sunday, but Danna helped derail the Chargers’ season.

Danna delivered with 5:09 before the Chiefs’ 27-24 win in week two a powerful punch to Herbert, which injured the quarterback’s ribs. Since then, Herbert hadn’t quite looked like that.

He’s on track for the fewest touchdown passes (27) and lowest yards per attempt (6.6) of his career, although he always seems to do well against the Chiefs, having 23 of 30 passes for 280 yards against them on Sunday graduated

Partly a result of their stellar quarterback’s relative struggles, the 5-5 Chargers are now three games down in the standings for the 8-2 Chiefs, who also hold the tiebreaker in the AFC West after their win.