Customers say the Kansas contractor took thousands and disappeared ” Kansas

TROY, Kan. – Your business could be in trouble if your former customers spent an entire Facebook page tearing you to pieces.

That’s just one of the many problems facing the man behind a Kansas company that customers have accused of stealing thousands of dollars from them.

Josh Kleinschmit is one of those customers demanding a refund from Midwest Construction Services owner Jimmy Wolfe. Kleinschmit said he’s missing $30,000.

“He had references,” said Kleinschmit, referring to Wolfe and his company. β€œHe had buildings that he made. He was very impressive.”

Also, Wolfe asked for no money up front when Kleinschmit agreed to hire him.

“He came here, brought equipment and got to work,” Kleinschmit said.

For several days, Wolfe worked hard to prepare the site for the stake barn. So when Wolfe asked Kleinschmit for $30,000 to buy the metal beams, lumber, and concrete to build the barn, Kleinschmit had no qualms about giving it to him.

That was a mistake. Kleinschmit never saw Wolfe again. All he gets for his money is excuses.

“Well, the weather came in and he said we can’t do the concrete, we have too much snow,” Kleinschmit said. “Then his grandfather or surrogate grandfather died.”

Two weeks later, Wolfe claimed something happened to his daughter.

Not long after, Wolfe stopped even bothering to return Kleinschmit’s calls.

“Text him, call him, text him anything on Facebook, complete silence,” Kleinschmit said.

Not only Kleinschmit wants his money back. FOX4 Problem Solvers also spoke to Jeremy Harris in Sedan, Kansas. He said Wolfe owed him $17,000.

“I mean, $17,000 might not be a lot for some people, but $17,000 is a lot of money for me,” Harris said.

Like Kleinschmit, Harris had commissioned Wolfe to build a pole barn on his property near the Oklahoma border. Just like with Kleinschmit, Wolfe disappeared after Harris gave him the down payment.

Both men have repeatedly asked for their money back.

“I told him that if he didn’t have the money, he could never set foot on my property again,” Harris said.

Their stories are identical to numerous others who have shared their frustrations on a Facebook page dedicated to the Jimmy Wolfe exposure.

The 29-year-old owns Midwest Construction Services and an excavation company. Problem Solvers could not find any registration for her with the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office.

We also reviewed Kansas court records, which show Wolfe has a bad habit of not paying his bills. He has been successfully sued at least nine times by everyone from the gas station to the grocery store.

Despite that less-than-stellar record, Wolfe attempted to run for mayor of Peru, Kansas last year. He lost.

FOX4 Problem Solvers wanted to hear Wolfe’s side of this whole mess. We called him but we’ve reached a recording where you can’t leave a message.

We texted him and asked him to listen to his side. He quickly texted us back, “Will do.” That was a month ago. We never heard from him.

So, Jimmy Wolfe for taking your client’s money and never doing the work, and then not even picking up the phone to defend himself, you’re now an official member of the FOX4 Problem Solvers Hall of Shame.

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