Radio Show Notes and Quotes by Mike Woodson (November 21)

No. 11 Indiana rolls through two weeks, picking up a big away win at Xavier on Friday night and blowing out Miami, Ohio, on Sunday night. Head coach Mike Woodson is meeting with host Don Fischer Monday night to talk it all over on his weekly radio show, Inside IU Basketball.

This week’s special guest is Graduate Manager Adam Howard. He joined the show in the final segment.

As usual, all notes and citations are by Woodson unless otherwise noted.


  • “Xavier, when we went into this game with my assistant coaches, we really thought it was going to be a hell of a game.”
  • “We did a lot of stupid things, I thought, with the technical fouls and missed free throws. But I thought we did everything we needed to do on the track.”
  • “I thought Miller (Kopp)’s 3-pointer after he struggled early – he probably took the biggest shot of the night for both teams.”
  • “At first I thought our defense was pretty solid. We just couldn’t get any shots.”
  • “I was never afraid they’d run away with it, but we just had to take some shots.”
  • Woodson said Trayce Jackson-Davis ‘refused to lose the game to Xavier’… ‘We need him to play at this high level’
  • Re: Xavier Johnson’s performance – “He’s grown so much over the year we’ve had him. All I can remember is when we started with him and where he is today, it was a frustrating ride. … “He finally had the breakout game against Xavier, which is what you need when you’re playing against such a big team.”
  • Woodson said he thinks Kopp’s later 3-pointer and Johnson’s rebound at the end were the two biggest plays of the game
  • Re: IU technical fouls – Woodson said players couldn’t put themselves in that position to give referees a reason to call a tech…Don’t know what exactly Xavier Johnson said to justify the technical foul, but on film it looked like he said something… “I need to get rid of the stupid”
  • Re: Malik Reneau – Despite Reneau’s four fouls, Woodson said he was just trying to buy some time; told the assistants that he would “ride him until he fouled”… Felt comfortable playing Reneau with four fouls because his “ace in the hole” was still available in Race Thompson
  • Fischer asked how IU dealt with the atmosphere on the street – “When you play arenas like (any BIg Ten arena) the guys who have been here and played know. But the freshmen didn’t know what I was most concerned about “…Woodson said Hood-Schifino and Reneau handled the road environment like “they belonged”


  • ‘I thought we were pretty flat (early on) and we took the team lightly’… ‘I thought we came out kind of careless’
  • Woodson said he thought once Miami took the lead, IU finally woke up, eventually sparking the 11-0 run to wrap up the half
  • Fischer notes that IU had 43 bank points against Miami — “As a coach, I’m still learning rotations and combinations that work” … “I like the composition of our bank because they’re so competitive. They love to play basketball. And so far this season they’ve been great for our team.” … “The bench is just as important as the guys who start the game.”
  • Re: Jordan Geronimo – “He didn’t play much in the Xavier game and came back in the Miami of Ohio game and did some very nice things for us.”
  • Subject: Trey Galloway’s injury — “We’re rating him. He hurt his knee in the Xavier game. I mean, he’s an important piece of the puzzle. He’s made a big turnaround based on where he’s been last season”… “The Boy he plays so hard so let’s take it easy with him and don’t play him hard.
  • Re: Jalen Hood-Schifino – “I thought he was solid in the Miami of Ohio game. I thought he had problems in the game against Xavier.”
  • Re: Malik Reneau – “He is a young and talented player who is physically fit to play basketball. He loves to play basketball…I just can’t help but believe that if he keeps working and growing for us as we continue this journey, he’s going to be great.”


  • Woodson said IU’s schedule this season is strategically put together like this… Want players to feel a tournament-like schedule before the actual postseason comes along
  • Woodson was “shocked” to see how heavily NCAA tournament games were staggered
  • “There are a lot of things that go into playing four games in 7-8 days”


  • Little Rock HC Darrell Walker – When Woodson HC was the Knicks, he hired Walker as part of the coaching staff. After Woodson was fired from the Knicks, Walker was also unemployed and got a college job…Walker is now back home coaching Little Rock
  • Woodson said he watched Little Rock’s last game against Jackson State and was impressed that they scored 90 points


  • Fischer notes that the Indiana-North Carolina game is a “white out” game; Fans are encouraged to wear white to the game… Woodson jokes, saying he’s not even worried about North Carolina
  • Noting that IU averages about 90 points per game and limits teams to under 60 points per game, Woodson said he’s “very happy with that difference.”
  • Subject: 3-Point Shooting – “We shoot about 36 percent as a team, and that’s pretty good compared to where we were last season. I mean, we couldn’t throw it in the ocean last season. The boys really put in the work (in the offseason)…”Miller looked good, but he made the big one when it counted. And that’s saying a lot, he wasn’t afraid to pull the trigger.
  • Fischer asks how often Woodson uses post-game analysis – “I’m not against analysis. But the main stats are whether you win, the ball over, total assist, rebounds… Also analyzes how well certain combinations play
  • “I know I’m from the NBA, it shows that 3-point shooting deal. I’m not against 3-point shooting, but two-point shooting counts as well. A layup, a 15 foot jumper also counts. I’ just want to make the top percentage shot for our team.
  • Woodson said he mostly trains by feel… “The players make it easy for me. If the players don’t do what they’re supposed to do, dammit, they’re sitting next to me. And I find the next guy can do it”… Woodson said Bob Knight trained the same way
  • Fischer asks about Woodson’s career-best 48-point game while he was playing at IU — Woodson said if there had been a 3-point shot back then, he thought he would have done well to shoot it… As did Bob Knight ran offense, Woodson happened to be at the end of the last pass… “All I had to do was throw in the basket (because he knew he was going to get the ball, never mind”


  • Howard was Student Manager last season and was hired as Graduate Manager last off-season… Has done extensive work with his Grow The Game organization, helping aspiring coaches break into the profession
  • Howard said the time commitment from student manager to grad manager was the biggest transition… Now he’s in the office with the coaching staff every day
  • Subject: Daily Duties – “Anything we can do to help. Help our players, help our coaches, help Indiana basketball”… basically an all-encompassing role
  • “I want to be just like my father. He was a college coach. I want to help serve like Coach Woodson and all my coaches have done. I want to keep learning… I eventually want to run my own program, but it’s a long way from there.”
  • Howard said his dad became college head coach when he was 40… Dad was an HC at Brebeuf Jesuit last year
  • Howard said his dad became college head coach when he was 40… Dad was an HC at Brebeuf Jesuit last year
  • Howard credits his mom for being “the rock in my family” … Mom went to IU, high school sweethearts with dad
  • Subject: Working with Veteran IU Players – “At Hoosier Hysteria when TJD visited him, I was new here when we recruited him…Race and Trayce are incredible leaders. They hadn’t won anything before last year. It was great to see how they do the tournament”
  • Subject: Thoughts on this year’s team – “Year one we made it into the tournament, year one we were the number one defense in the conference. These things don’t just happen randomly” … “These guys love to play here”
  • Howard said he is taking three courses for his graduate program (Sports Administration), which is a three-year program; gets all A’s this semester… Forces him to make some decisions about prioritizing classwork or films for IU
  • Howard said he works “as many hours as the players or the coach needs,” which is seven days a week… Doesn’t have to be in the meeting hall all the time because of technology, but the workload is still heavy
  • Howard thanks graduate assistant Isaac Green for his help with this process; has known him for five years… All the assistants have been of great help to Howard in the scouting area, learning how to watch movies etc.
  • Howard said being at IU and coaching was “all I wanted” … “Thinking about being a part of Indiana basketball … it’s incredible. I’m very grateful.”
  • “(Woodson) is very tough on all of us but that’s because he expects a lot. He’s my coaching mentor.”