🌱 Gas Prices Fall Again + Target Closed + Michael Vaughn Update

Hello everyone. I’ll be back in your inbox this morning with everything you need to know about what’s happening on the ground. In today’s Daily, you’ll find updates on these stories and more:

  • Almost a quarter of Idaho lobbyists was fined for filing late reports related to our previous one-day legislature.
  • boise Target employees will enjoy Thanksgiving this year at home forever following an announcement by the company earlier this morning.
  • As the search for missing persons continues in a Fruitland backyard Michael Vaughnone arrested was found mentally unfit legal proceedings and will be directed to the Idaho Department of Health and Human Services.

But first today’s weather:

cloudy. High: 41 Low: 26.

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Here are today’s top stories in Boise:

  1. Here’s some good news just before we head off on vacation. CBS2 news staff report the average Price to the gas fell down 3.8 cents a gallon in Boise last week. Refueling your vehicle will now average $4.21 per gallon A gas station in Boise now sells gas for under four dollars. Boise is still ahead of the state average of $4.17 per gallon. (Idaho News)
  2. The holidays are a busy time for many and some things get forgotten. Apparently, this also applies to state lobbyists. The Idaho Capital Sun’s Kelcie Mosely Morris writes the Office of the Secretary of State from Idaho fines to 91 lobbyists for filing late reports after the September 1 day session of the Legislature. The reports were due October 15, with 23% of lobbyists filing late. (Idaho capital sun)
  3. Here’s an early Christmas present for everyone Target employees and future Target employees. TasteOfHome’s Melany Love writes that the superstore announced on Monday that all stores, including those in Boise, would be closed closed on thanksgiving forever. Target broke the news to employees in an announcement on Nov. 22. Shoppers can be back in the aisles the following day, Black Friday. (taste of home)
  4. A woman arrested in connection with the disappearance of Michael Vaughn was found mentally unfit to continue court proceedings and she was transferred custody of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for treatment. KTVB-TV Employee Writing Sarah Wondra appeared for a status conference on Monday morning. Wondra, one of the residents of a house on Redwing Street in Fruitland, was arrested on November 12 and investigators began searching a day earlier in connection with the disappearance of Vaughan, who was 5 years old when he was last seen in July 2021 was seen in his Fruitland neighborhood. (ktvb)
  5. Boise patch invites our followers to invite Bonita, Molly or one of the lovely people pets currently on assumption Spending Thanksgiving with your family. (Boise Patch)

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  • Boise State Public Radio: “Authorities are looking at two surviving housemates, a man in a white hoodie who was found on video footage to have been near two of the women at a food truck shortly before her death, and another person who drove the women home , as suspects.” (Boise State Public Radio via Facebook)

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