According to the opinion poll, Ron DeSantis beats Donald Trump and Joe Biden in Florida * Florida

Florida Republican voters would favor Gov. Ron DeSantis as a 2024 presidential candidate over the former president donald trump. This is based on the latest findings Insights into Victory Opinion poll.

The same pollster finds DeSantis would beat the president Joe Biden in Florida, but Trump would narrowly lose to the Democratic incumbent.

Victory Insights polled voters on November 16 and 17, polling 700 likely Republican voters for a potential primary matchup between the two Florida men who were most frequently named Republican contenders. The same pollster also polled 600 likely general election voters about hypothetical pairings in which both GOP candidates would run against the current Oval Office resident.

In a potential Republican presidential primary between Trump and DeSantis, the poll found more than 47% favored the Florida governor and nearly 37% favored the former president. As pollsters urged undecided voters to choose sides, DeSantis’ lead widened to a nearly 56% to 45% lead over Trump.

Pollsters reported a margin of error of 3.7 percentage points, and DeSantis’ lead over Trump is outside that range with or without Leaner.

That’s a strong result, especially when you already factor in Trump started his presidential campaign in 2024. DeSantis continues wipe questions whether he will run, although he particularly made the headlines first cattle call of presidential candidates this weekend at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual conference in Las Vegas.

Even knowing that Trump has declared and DeSantis has not, 42% of Florida Republicans still think DeSantis should run and only 33% believe he should withdraw.

Who would win Florida in November 2024, pollsters Victory Insights tested both a DeSantis-Biden matchup and a Trump-Biden contest. It found that DeSantis supports more than 50% of voters, compared to Biden’s 46%. As undecided voters were pushed, DeSantis support reached nearly 53%, with Biden eventually reaching 47%.

That’s a vastly different outcome from the Biden-Trump matchup, where the pollster predicted Biden would win. The first poll showed Biden up 48% to 43%. The advantage diminished when undecided voters were asked to pick sides, but Biden still came out on top, 51% to 49%. Pollsters report a margin of error of 4.14 percentage points and technically classify both races as statistically tied.

Remarkable, Trump Beating Biden in 2020 in Florida by more than 3 percentage points, despite the Democrat winning statewide.

Even more than personal preference, Republican primary voters view DeSantis as a better candidate to unseat Biden. About 61% believe DeSantis has a better chance of winning in November, and only 39% believe Trump has a better chance.

The polling firm found that DeSantis enjoys greater popularity among Republicans than Trump. When Republicans were asked to rate the two GOP candidates on a scale of 1 to 5, DeSantis gave an average score of 4.6, while Trump gave him an average score of 3.8.

But DeSantis also outperformed Trump among Democrats and independents in particular, based on the general election voter pool. In that smaller sample of voters, Democrats gave an average Trump rating of 1.2, but gave DeSantis a 1.8 rating.

Among critical independent voters, they gave DeSantis an average rating of 3.3, higher than both Trump’s 2.2 rating and Biden’s 2.9 rating.

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