Wayne Rooney uses a bizarre motivational method for his ‘tiny penis’ for the DC United squad

Wayne Rooney used a really bizarre story to try and motivate his DC United players by telling them a story about how he has a “tiny penis”.

Recently, Rooney was embroiled in a row with former Manchester United team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo, with the Portuguese star having criticized his former boyfriend during the explosive interview that landed him a United departure.

It all seemed to stem from the club’s comments on the all-time top scorer last summer, when he said United should sell the striker, which the player actually wanted while actually being very flattering.

Given his former colleague called a “rat” in the now infamous interview, the former Derby County manager was actually very nice to Ronaldo, saying his departure from Old Trafford was “a disgrace”.

Oddly enough, all his spitting on the 37-year-old may have come as a relief to Rooney, who is now in charge of MLS club DC United.

It has not been an easy start to life back in America for the former England captain, who has won just two games since taking charge in July.

Looking for ways to motivate his players, the manager reportedly shared with them a story about overcoming his struggles as a man with a “small penis”.

According to a source, Rooney used a story about how his small manhood didn’t stop him, apparently it didn’t go down too well and his players didn’t like the story either…

“It was very funny and he hoped that using personal references would make it seem like the speech came from the heart,” the source told The Sun.

“But the majority of his side was confused and struggling to understand what his sex life and the size of his manhood had to do with what was happening on the pitch.

‚ÄúSome of the young lads were appalled. They don’t share the same British sense of humour.”

Wayne Rooney, DC United manager... you're still thinking about his little dick, aren't you?  (Image: Alamy)
Wayne Rooney, DC United manager… you’re still thinking about his little dick, aren’t you? (Image: Alamy)

It’s fair to say that Rooney and his team have come up short during the American season and really need to look in the mirror to see how they can improve.

They lost 21 of their 34 games in the league and finished last in the MLS Eastern Conference, a full 21 points behind the playoffs.

The manager had a decent but ultimately doomed spell at Derby County last season when he failed to avoid relegation to the third division after a 21-point reduction at the end of the season.

The club have flouted the league’s diversity rules when recruiting managers, which require at least two people from “underrepresented groups” in the final list of potential candidates.

Ironically, the rule was first introduced in the NFL, where it is known as the “Rooney Rule.”