DC Universe The Presence Facts & Lore

DC comics has been the source of some of the world’s most spectacular characters and exciting stories for over eighty years. Over the decades there have been dozens of characters who have had a tremendous impact on the world and have been immortalized throughout their long history thanks to their brilliant writing and art by talented individuals. The DC Comics mythos is a long and winding road of intergalactic proportions, on which universal beings walk alongside the common man.

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The last surviving alien of an extinct race who can leap over buildings in one go spends his time saving the people of an alien planet. At the same time, a male human explores the universe as a member of an interstellar peace officer with a magic ring. The vastness of DC universe can be traced back to its beginning and its creator, The Presence. The Presence is the almighty, almighty being that created the entire DC Universe and everything in it. Rarely does The Presence ever appear in the DC continuity, having only been identified a handful of times in the entire lifespan of the comics. While not much is known about The Presence, some unique facts are provided for readers searching with a fine comb. Here are some things you should know about the DC Comics presence.


5/5 The first concept of presence appeared in Sandman


The Presence is said to be a manifestation of the hopes and dreams of the universe. Through the combined will of all living beings, the presence arose and with it the creation of the universe. Author Mike Carey of Lucifer and Sandman presentsreasoned that the original concept for The Presence came from Neil Gaimon sandman.

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The power possessed by dreams and stories has been widely cited as the source of Morpheus’ power, but has always been implied to be stronger than almost anything in the world. The concept of the power of dreams has been transferred to the Origin of Presence as he is the source of those dreams and they in turn are the source of him.

4/5 He created the Council of Eternity

DC comics

There are dozens of groups and secret organizations throughout the DC Universe that control the finer workings of alternate dimensions and intergalactic territories, such as the Guardians of the Universe who founded the Green Lantern Corp or the Sentinels of Magic who founded the Lords keep the chaos at bay.

While one could argue that The Presence created all of these groups, he had a direct connection to the Age Council. Served as the tribunal for the universe’s greatest sinners, the Council of Eternity was made up of powerful wizards, including the wizard Shazam.

3/5 Known by many names

the presence

Like most ubiquitous beings, The Presence is subject to many of the names bestowed upon it throughout its endless life. He had multiple titles, names, incarnations, and aspects with as many names as he did. The original name given to the presence was The Voice. When The Presence first appeared, only world bubbles were connected to The Presence when the Specter gained his powers.

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The title of the presence was coined in the Lucifer Comics as the archangel’s archenemy and the only power he sought to rebel against. The Presence also appeared in physical form before Lucifer Morningstar for the first known time in DC history.

2/5 Source is part of presence

dc omcis the presence of the source

The Presence is an entity that not many can fully understand. The true scope of all that The Presence encompasses drives many characters insane who live to see its entire existence. For this reason, when the Presence chooses to communicate with an organism lower than itself, it appears in non-damaging aspects that those individuals can understand.

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The Presence also separates parts of itself, called aspects, and sends them out to perform specific tasks that make up the fabric of the universe. One of those aspects is The Source, a cosmic force that many in the DC Universe are trying to control and that sits on the edge of everything.

1/5 The voice’s first appearance was in the origin of The Spectre

the ghost

The first appearance of The Presence was there More Funny Comics #50, written by Tom Hickey. In the story, fans are first introduced to Jim Corrigan as a distinguished police detective who is later murdered by gangsters. After his death, Corrigan’s soul met the Archangel Michael, who decided to connect him to God’s vengeance and make him the channel of that vengeance on earth.

When Corrigan and the Specter became one, The Presence spoke for the first time in DC Comics history and bestowed his powers on the Specter. One of the most powerful and feared beings in the DC Universe, the Specter is a regular feature at significant events and is nearly unstoppable when acting as God’s wrath. The Specter is also known for inhabiting the body of Hal Jordan in an event that nearly destroyed the entire Justice League.

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