Alleged ‘Potomac River Rapist’ found hanged in DC prison

The alleged “Potomac River Rapist,” charged with the 1998 rape and murder in the district and suspected in at least nine other sexual assaults in the city and in Montgomery County, Md., was found hanged with sheets in DC Jail on Saturday. This is according to a police report published on Monday.

Correctional officers cut the sheets attached to a locker in his cell and performed CPR, the report says, which includes new details about the death of Giles Daniel Warrick, 63, which is estimated to be on November 30 process was waiting.

According to the report, Warrick was found by an officer conducting routine rounds around 8 a.m. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Dustin Sternbeck, a spokesman for the DC police, said the death was being investigated as an apparent suicide.

Officials with the DC Department of Corrections did not respond to an interview request Monday, but issued a statement on behalf of Tom Faust, the agency’s director, saying they “feel committed to helping the men and women in our care.” to provide a safe environment and care.”

Police arrest suspected “Potomac River rapist” in connection with attacks in Maryland and Georgetown

Warrick’s attorney, Stephen Mercer, declined to comment Saturday and did not respond to a phone message or email sent Monday. A woman who answered the phone at an address linked to one of Warrick’s relatives in South Carolina said she had no comment. “This is a family matter,” she said on Monday. Attempts to reach other relatives were unsuccessful.

After police arrested Warrick in South Carolina in 2019, authorities said they found a letter he wrote to his fiancé that a judge said showed evidence of his “guilt.” The letter read: “I’m so sorry it ended like this. I left you in a mess. I never wanted that to happen. All I wanted to do is love you. Please forgive me. Please do not cry. All my stuff is yours.”

Authorities said they had linked Warrick through DNA testing to the killing of Christine Mirzayan, a woman who was kidnapped on August 1, 1998 and dragged into the woods off Canal Road in Georgetown. Her body was found a day later. Police said Mirzayan was sexually assaulted and hit in the head with a 73-pound rock. Authorities said they also linked Warrick to eight sexual assaults in Montgomery County and another in the district.

Warrick, father of three, lived in Maryland and was a landscape gardener at the time of the crimes.

Steve Thompson contributed to this report.