Wildlife biologists conduct annual duck banding work – NH Fish and Game Department

CONTACT:Jessica Carloni: (603) 868-1095Dan Bergeron: (603) 271-2461November 30, 2022 Eintracht, NH – New Hampshire Fish and Game wildlife biologists have completed the annual effort of attaching hundreds of metal bands to ducks across the state. This pre-season banding effort will be conducted throughout August and September in the US and Canadian provinces throughout the Atlantic … Read more

These recently elected trans lawmakers say anti-LGBTQ laws inspired them to run

Zooey Zephyr, the first transgender woman elected to Montana’s legislature, was inspired to run after her state passed three laws targeting the LGBTQ community. One of the bills passed last year allows parents to remove their children from sex education classes that address LGBTQ issues, another bans transgender students from competing on sports teams that … Read more

Emergency shelters gear up for winter as NH’s housing shortage continues

Emergency winter shelters will open in some New Hampshire cities and towns this week, adding much-needed capacity as the weather turns colder, said shelter operators. Year-round shelters in Keene and Manchester were already full and had to turn away some people. “We’re really reluctant to answer the phone right now because we’re afraid it’s another … Read more

Biden shows little urgency as Dems contemplate primary 2024 restructuring

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats considering changing the order of their 2024 presidential primary are awaiting President Joe Biden, who is anxious to see whether he will advocate ridding Iowa of its traditional starting spot or discourage major changes while he contemplating his own potential re-election bid. But Biden appears to be showing little urgency to … Read more

“No appetite” for more tax hikes, say NJ lawmakers

With decades of high inflation and the prospect of a US recession already squeezing families in New Jersey, will those pressures be compounded by higher taxes in 2023? Gov. Phil Murphy won’t present his budget until February next year, but lawmakers said on Tuesday preliminary talks are already underway. At $50.6 billion, the current state … Read more

Jones acts as a scapegoat for bad NE energy moves

New England governors are demanding that Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm support waivers to the Jones Act, a law that requires cargo shipped between two US ports to be carried on ships that are American-made, built and crewed “something to do”. what promises to be a winter season of skyrocketing energy bills. Politicians’ constant effort … Read more