The House of GOP’s next opportunity to drain the swamp by banning ear tags ” Alaska

House Republicans will soon vote on whether to reintroduce the ban on budgetary uses that allow members of Congress to do favors with taxpayers’ money. Ending earmarking would be an excellent opportunity for the majority of the new House of Representatives to combat the wasteful and corrupt political culture that has infected the nation’s capital … Read more

Native News Weekly (November 27, 2022): DC Briefs ” Alaska

details Through Native News Online staff November 27, 2022 WASHINGTON — In addition to articles already covered by Native News Online, here is a summary of other news from Washington, DC affecting Indian Country over the past week. Tribal fish and wildlife management leaders visit DC Tribal fisheries and wildlife management leaders visited DC to … Read more

Jonathan Carter: The Climate Future ” Alaska

In 1959, the first measurements for global carbon dioxide were recorded at Mauna Loa with 316 ppm. Today the figure is 419 ppm and is rapidly increasing to over 2 ppm annually. Increased warming in the colder polar regions has already displaced cities in Alaska and caused massive ice shelf collapses in Antarctica. Oceans are … Read more

At the World Cup, US soccer sheds the Islamic emblem from the Iranian flag ” Alaska

DOHA, Qatar (AP) – The US Football Association displays the Iranian national flag on social media without the Islamic Republic’s emblem and says it supports protesters in Iran ahead of Tuesday’s World Cup match between the two nations. DOHA, Qatar (AP) – The US Football Association displays the Iranian national flag on social media without … Read more

Magma has been observed moving up beneath a long dormant volcano ” Alaska

Don’t worry, an outbreak is not imminent. Research shows magma activity beneath Mount Edgecumbe. According to a recent study by the Alaska Volcano Observatory, magma has been moving up through the Earth’s crust beneath the long-dormant Mount Edgecumbe volcano in Southeast Alaska. The observatory’s innovative method could allow early identification of volcanic activity in Alaska. … Read more