January 6, 2023 troll ‘Baked Alaska’ goes to jail for assaulting a security guard ” Alaska

Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Notorious racist internet troll and participant in the January 6 riot, Baked Alaska, is officially jailed — and not just for his involvement in the riot.

Baked Alaska, real name Anthime Gionet, was arrested shortly after the riot. The Feds’ case was supported by Gionet himself, who livestreamed his crimes from the Capitol on the internet.

“Occupy the Capitol, let’s go!” Gionet declared at one point during the uprising. “We’re not leaving this bitch!”

But Gionet is also charged with molesting a security guard in an unrelated incident in Scottsdale, Arizona, in late 2020. The attack came as the security guard attempted to escort Gionet and his friends, who had been livestreaming their uncouth behavior to their online audience. from a bar.

The ugly new charges against the rioter Baked Alaska on January 6th

Gionet was originally sentenced to 30 days in jail on the mace charges in January, but the sentence was stayed pending his appeal. On Friday, however, a dejected Gionet shared the news with fans: his appeal had been denied and he would face jail on the mace charge in the New Year.

“I’m kind of sad today,” said Gionet, a former BuzzFeed contributor who became a racist troll and Charlottesville protester during the Trump era. “I’m kind of depressed. I got the message just before the show.”

Gionet expressed his sadness that he would soon be serving his sentence, which begins on January 2, 2023. To make matters worse, Gionet said he still faces his prison sentence for his January 6 acts.

“And then that’s not even the January 6th thing!” said Gionet. “Then I have to serve the January 6th period. So ah it sucks! It sucks.”

Gionet looked back on the months ahead in prison and complained that the “judicial system was very corrupt”.

Gionet’s lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.

Gionet is still awaiting conviction on January 6-related charges for unlawfully protesting the Capitol, to which he pleaded guilty in July. In a memo filed in court last week, federal prosecutors called Gionet a “professional troll” and listed all instances in which Gionet used explicit language to abuse Capitol officers during the riots. The government has requested that Gionet be sentenced to 75 days in the January 6 case.

But while the uproar has sent Gionet’s life into a tailspin, he’s made some money from it — sort of. In their sentencing note, prosecutors report an FBI interview that was part of Gionet’s plea deal. At the meeting, Gionet said he made around $2,000 in donations during the riots while streaming on DLive, a live streaming site popular at the time with far-right figures who had been ousted from mainstream platforms.

However, according to his FBI interview, Gionet has yet to see the money. DLive refused to pay out the donations to him, he told agents, meaning even those meager proceeds from the uprising are still locked up.

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