People roll up their sleeves to serve free Thanksgiving meals in the Alabama Village

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – With Thanksgiving tomorrow, some people are showing their gratitude by serving others.

Light of the Village (LOV) distributed 700 Thanksgiving dinners to Prichard residents on Wednesday.

Several organizations in the community have partnered with LOV to help families – from slicing up hundreds of cakes to bringing in goats and rabbits for kids to play with.

LOV is a local organization dedicated to spreading hope.

“This event is like a family reunion for us and we are always grateful for the opportunity to see people and to meet people that we may not have seen in years, as well as to reach out to other people in the community who are with ours programs and what we do – and so it casts a really wide net that we can involve people in – give them a good meal and make them feel welcome,” said LOV’s Morgan Carnley .

Morgan Carnley says serving 700 meals every year takes teamwork.

“Chef Rob Steven is doing a fantastic job. He makes the dressing, the mac and cheese, and all the side dishes, and different churches donate the plates, the pies, and then people from different schools and organizations open the cranberries and help us set the tables and get ready—it’s easy a fantastic community event.”

There was something for everyone, not to mention the pantry.

Volunteers in the pantry distributed bags of groceries that will help feed families after the event.

For some people, serving here is an annual tradition.

“For us we are one big family and we know it takes a lot of hands to make things work and for us to come and serve today – we serve here before we prepare the food for our family tomorrow. It’s an honor for us just to be able to give back to the partner – to team up with John and his team on Light of the Village – it’s an honor for us,” said Annie Miller.

Annie Miller says they’ll roll up their sleeves to pull hot, fresh turkey for hours until there’s none left.

“It’s an incredible ministry – what they’re doing here is phenomenal and just encourages people to look beyond themselves, beyond their own families and look around – is there anyone else we could minister to? You have created a great opportunity in this church for people to come along and serve – but each of us has a neighbor, friend and family that needs a little more love,” Miller added.

If you want to show LOV a little extra love this holiday season, you can visit the link to their website.

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